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Robert Leonhardt

Robert Leonhardt: A Master of German Songs

A Master of German Songs,

at home everywhere where the German song is cherished by the large German-speaking community of Columbia—thus, Robert Leonhardt is among of the beloved Metropolitan Opera Stars, who sing exclusively for the Columbia Graphophone Co. The lively spirit of his hometown of Vienna echoes from the perfect technical recordings. The brilliant baritone—a well-known master of “bel canto”—has been celebrated in Vienna, Berlin and Paris, and continues to be celebrated here. His triumphs find tremendous resonance in German households throughout America.

    If you love the Rhine and its wine, then Leonhardt’s “Vom Rhein der Wein” will fill you with marvel. Feel free to preview these recordings at any Columbia retailer. Before your eyes, the sunny current of the Rhine will stream passed, the magical spirit of the blessed Rheinland will sweep you away, and you will thank the exceptional artists for the gift which they conjured up for you on a Columbia record!

    Other records that will allow you to bring home Leonhardt’s wonderful art may be found listed below.

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German Master-Records

E 3230

Vom Rhein der Wein! The wonderful song’s spirit

of life resounds free and full on this unsurpassed recording.

E 2565

Die Musik kommt. (O. Strauss.)

Still wie die Nacht. Together with Julia Kübler (Alto), the singer has masterfully reproduced this famous duet.

Bonn. (If only the Rhein were not to be...)

E 3140

Aus der Jugendzeit. Counted among the most beloved German songs, the artists have created it new for you here.

E 2566

Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter. (Carl Löwe.)

Wenn Schneeglöckchen läuten. The warm lyrics of this song of spring rings clearly in Leonhardt’s rich, full tone.

Das goldene Kreuz. (Song of the Bombardon.)

A 2053

O schöne Zeit, O selige Zeit.

E 2644

Heimweh. (Hugo Wolf.)

Behüt Dich Gott, es wär so schön gewesen.

Nachtigallen-Leid. “The Bird Dealer”. (Zeller.)

E 3098

Der schlesische Zecher und der Teufel. (Reissiger.)

E 3273

Sechse, sieben oder acht! Hermann’s famous symphonic poem is awakened with new, fresh life through Leonhardt.

Drei Wanderer. (Hermann.)

Loblied der Polin. (Bettelstudent.) This beloved song from Millöcker resounds pure and clear on the Leonhardt-Columbia Record.

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Contributors: John C., Monona M., Calli R., Preston S.