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Working with artifacts at the CAC classroom

Students examining many artifacts in the CAC classroom

All kinds of artifacts in the CAC

A photo of students in the classroom of the CAC, with artifacts spread out for examination

Examining many artifacts in our classroom museum

A photo of students engaged in a classroom museum activity.

Examining old textbooks in our classroom museum

Students engaged in classroom museum activity to examine old textbooks.

Notes on archival research methods

Photo of class notes on archival research methods, Spring 2016, 406 East Hall.

More notes on archival research methods

a photo of class notes on white board in East Hall 406 classroom

Sharing desks in the Little Red School House

A photo of Soha Yussef and Danielle Donelson sharing desks in the Little Red School House

Exploring artifacts in the Little Red School House

A photo of Joseph Robertshaw and Stephen Ohene-Larbi holding a textbook in the Little Red School House

Inkwells sparkling in a box in the closed stacks of the Center for Archival Collections.

A photo of inkwells from the Educational Memorabilia Collection

Researchers working during class in East Hall

A photo of members of our class working in our classroom.