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Schmuecke dein Heim

Advertisement for cross stitch pattern and classified ads.

Robert Leonhardt: A Master of German Songs

An advertisement from Columbia Records.

Die Graue Katze

A wartime story. (A tale from the trenches, if you will.)


A German rebuttal to a Russian claim in regards to alleged destruction in Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, and parts of France, Russia and Romania.

Rochester Abendpost-Title Page

24-page newspaper that includes editorials, photographs, serial novel, poems, short stories and advertisements

Der "Kartoffelbrot-Geist"

This British perspective of Germany speaks about the German spirit of perseverance. The author shares how the British view the war as well as the interpretation of the Germans’ ability to survive on minimal resources and rationing.

Title Page Rochester Abendpost 5 May 1917

24-page newspaper with photographs, editorials, serial novel, short stories, poems, advertisements.