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Amerikaner ueber deutsches Sanitaetswesen

American Perspective on the German Medical Corps

According to a report in the Vanguardian, a New York surgeon, Connel[l], held a lecture in Boston on his surgical experiences with the troops of the warring factions of both the East and the West during his stay in the winter of 1914-15. Connell first worked in a hospital in Paris that was managed by fellow Americans. He then worked in different field hospitals associated with the 6th French Corps. Early in 1915, he received permission from the Prussian war ministry to visit the German Military Hospital and then spend time in Austria-Hungary for the same purpose. The American doctor praised the extraordinary organization of the Medical Corps in these two countries. He especially praised the German method of posttreatment and declares that he had futilely sought to find such excellence from institutions outside of Germany. Finally, he compared the organization of German and Austro-Hungarian Medical Corps and English and French Medical Corps. He said, “The best-prepared power – Germany – needed 14 days in the chaos after the declaration of war to bring about order; the worst-prepared power – England – needed six months.” The German Medical Corps can be regarded as a model organization, considering its humanitarian and economic achievements, which is unique in its kind.