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Schmuecke dein Heim

Schmuecke dein Heim

Embellish your home

Pattern 1061 should be found versatile, useful, practical, and appealing. It is a curtain for a cabinet, shelf, or bookcase. The embroidery is simple, given that the whole pattern is done in cross-stitch;buttonhole stitches for tabs can be added. It may be used in blue, red, pink, or golden-brown. The pattern is sketched on a heavy cream-colored canvas, and measures 24 by 54 inches, including the overhanging flap. The price including the necessary amount of thread is 90 cents.

The general approval that our new pattern received, prompted us to make such a towel for the kitchen which, in its way, is just as efficacious. The template is meant to be performed in cross stitch and worked in two shades of red, namely a dark red for the kitchen scene on the flap, and a lighter shade for the font and the ornaments on the actual hand towel. Pattern 1072 is scribed on cream colored heavyweight canvas. The size is an expansive 22 by 48, including the flap, and the cost, including the necessary thread count, is 90 cents. Once you pay, the embroidery pattern will be sent upon submission. Legibly write us your full address and phone number.

Here is our address for our readers who wish to mail in order:
Home Department
P.O. Box 1207
New York City


Prunera Studio of Spanish
80 Wall St., New York City


We pay the highest price for furniture; any apartment or home furnishings, pianos, books, and paintings.
Kalisky & Gabay, 88 University Place, New York.

The newest fashions in furs. Schwarz Brothers, creators of styles for modern ladies. Suit tailor by appointment. Imported and original models $60.00 and up.
492 – 5. Avenue, New York

Prof. Rohrer’s Distinguished Institute for hairdressing, manicures, scalp-, face-, and body massage. Expert teacher. Free catalogue.
147 W. 23. Str., New York

ATTENTION! We are in the business of selling hair products to you at reasonable prices.
Car Feder, 814 Broadway, N.Y.

A.S. Borg
Will buy diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, platinum, antiques, old jewelry, pawn certificates, and false teeth.
146 West 23. Str., New York

We will buy and sell the best hair braids for $7.50, wigs and toupees for $10. Perfect fit and colour guaranteed. A. Haschka, 104 E. 116. Str., New York


Unique Opportunity for Self-Employment

 Help wanted for self-manufacturing and delivery of toy soldiers. Huge business; mass-produced items. Work in a small shop, but produce large scale. War preventing import. Extremely urgent demand. Toy industry expected to grow. We will buy everything until Christmas and pay between $2.25 and $26.50. Experience and tools not required. Produce over 100 items per hour. Casting mold for $2.50 and up. The latest casting molds: patriotic emblems. Wonderful patterns. Millions wanted everywhere. We will buy any quantity. Brochure, model list, support desk free. Toy Soldier Manufacturing Company, 32 Union Square, New York.


Contributors: Timo A., Eleanor B., Max D., and Bret W.