Graphic Works

long photo of the complete Peanuts series

The Hoppenstand Collection has over 1,000 comic books and graphic novels that cover everything from Marvel to Manga, and complete collections of cartoon classics including the complete Peanuts series by Charles M. Schulz.

Gary Hoppenstand manga collection

Included in the Hoppenstand graphic collection is a wide range of Manga, a longstanding Japanese artform of comics or graphic novels which date back to the 19th century (with a prehistory dating back to the 12th century). The collection includes the wildly famous Dragon Ball series, the critically acclaimed Lone Wolf and Cub (and the follow up New Lone Wolf and Cub) as well as Shōjo (manga intended for young female audiences) like Wish by Clamp. 

DC and Marvel collections

Comic collections by character, publisher, and genre are essential for research. The Hoppenstand collection has a wide variety of Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Dark Horse, and other collections and omnibus editions.