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For Further Reading (Exhibit Page)

…Writing Technologies Introduction Alcott, William A. Slate and Black Board Exercises, 1857. 19th Century Schoolbooks Digital Collection ( Wright, Elizabethada A., Halloran, S. M., “From Rhetoric to Composition…

Laws and Race (Exhibit Page)

…separating whites and blacks, but were also implemented against other races. Some of the examples below illustrate this. Below are some general examples of Jim Crow Laws. From Alabama: "No person or corporation shall require any white female nurse to nurse…

R&B (Exhibit Page)

…and several American Music Awards. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 as part of the Supremes. Black Entertainment Television’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Diana has influenced many artists including, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Mariah…

Letter 3 - Housekeeping as a Profession (Exhibit Page)

…in a delightful way.” One of the struggles with our natural approach to reflecting on the past is that it is diffcult to imagine the people we see in black and white pictures, and hand-drawn portraits, as full complex humans with hopes, dreams, fantasties…

Superman Merchandise (Fall 2017) (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: Superman at 80

…powers. Superman discovers his one physical weakness is from the powerful Kryptonite rock. The Kryptonite rock can be seen in multiple neon color rocks that radiate light. There are a variety of Kryptonite colors and effects. There is a green, red, black

Contributors (Exhibit Page)

…research interests include deconstruction, ethnic studies, and dialect in literature. For this exhibit, Nichole researched portrayals of blackness in sheet music and illustrations. She also contributed research to the pages on US laws and government…

Superman in the Comics, 1986-2018 (Fall 2017) (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: Superman at 80

…after the shocking death of Superman in his battle with Doomsday. This was one of the most shocking deaths inside of the entire DC universe. The news article was also included in Superman #75 Black Polybag edition of Superman Death Memorial. The panel…

Das deutsche Wunder (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: GERM 3310 (Spring 2018)

…A sea of black. Hundreds of voices roared outside. The window rattled from the drumroll. A sharp command, something about the threat of war cut through the silence. When Inge Tillesen turned back, the room was empty. Nicolai Schjelting was gone. He had…

Die graue Katze (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: GERM 3310 (Spring 2018)

…artillery halted. Our flares rose thousandfold and unremittingly into the blackness of the night. Then, hundreds of silhouettes poured forth from the enemy trenches dark, shadowy, ghostly, menacing—like ephemeral shapes. Hurrah—Hurrah—Hurrah! Ah—Englishmen…

Lois Lane and Supporting Cast (Fall 2017) (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: Superman at 80

…based on aspects such as contemporary fashion. For example, in some of the traditional comics, she was portrayed to have black hair. However, most of the comics written during the 1990s portrayed her with auburn hair. Clark would eventually reveal his…

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