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The Greek Cross and Square (Exhibit Page)

…as the Chinese Puzzle, which is said to have been invented by a renowned Chinese mathematician over 4000 years ago. It consists of a square of black cardboard cut into seven pieces…and the number of combinations possible with them is as the sands of the sea (p…

Institutional Actions Towards Desegregation (Exhibit Page)

…The practice of segregation in public education on the basis of race was ruled unconstitutional in 1954. For many Americans, this ruling marks the beginning of the movement for Civil Rights. Prior to this ruling and for many years after, black

Commemoration in Calendars (Exhibit Page)

…celebrating African American history since 1982, most of which showcases a different theme (“Calendar History”), celebrates every day as a day African Americans can claim as significant for their history. This calendar therefore does not limit black history…

Superman Merchandise (Spring 2018) (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: Superman at 80

…This Superman Clock is surely one that will stick out in the room. It is a dark blue color on the outside portion of the circle with a red accent on the inside edge of the circle. The hand of the clock is black meanwhile the second counting hand…

H.W. Bush vs. Dukakis 1988 (Exhibit Page)

…for the furlough so that he could come to the party. The Bush campaign politicized this issue in what would become known as the “Furlough Commercial”. This commercial would take heavy influences from the horror genre in film, by utilizing a black and white photo…

Medgar Evers (Exhibit Page)

…pieces of a jigsaw that made no sense until you had finally fitted the whole thing together. I suddenly realized what it was to be black in America in 1963…it came as a rush of fury, hatred, and determination. I sat down at my piano. An hour later, I came…

Superman in the Comics, 1938-1985 (Spring 2018) (Exhibit Page)

From Exhibit: Superman at 80

…this book would be the best way to show people. When I first seen the book it was just as I remembered when I was a kid. He was wearing the blue suit with the red cape, with his sharp jaw line and dangling black swirled hair. Also, in this book it talks…

Ravensbrück: "Hitler's Hell for Women" (Exhibit Page)

…categorized with cloth triangles that they were required to sew onto their prisoner uniforms. Black - 'asocials' (sex workers, beggars, petty criminals, lesbians) Green - habitual criminals Red - political prisoners Lilac - Jehovah's Witnesses…

For Further Reading (Exhibit Page)

…?' Documents Nina Simone's Rise as Singer and Activist." New York Times Company. Jun 23 2015. Feldstein, Ruth. ""I Don't Trust You Anymore": Nina Simone, Culture, and Black Activism in the 1960s." The Journal of American History 91.4 (2005): 1349-379 Gaines…

For Further Reading (Exhibit Page)

…Writing Technologies Introduction Alcott, William A. Slate and Black Board Exercises, 1857. 19th Century Schoolbooks Digital Collection ( Wright, Elizabethada A., Halloran, S. M., “From Rhetoric to Composition…

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