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Old Black Batmobile (group 6) (Item)

Batman has been in the market since 1939. This fictional hero, known as the Dark Knight, is a vigilante crime fighter, whose strategy is to sow fear into the heart of criminals as the creature of the night. Besides of persevering when facing…

…Old Black Batmobile (group 6)…

…and scalloping the trailing edges. Once all the modifications were made, the vehicle was painted dark black with red streamlines around the car. The amazing exterior design also included a Batman mask painted on the hood. In addition, the vehicle came along…

Batman bubblebath container (group 6) (Item)

That Batman remains the most popular and highly successful fictional superhero is not in doubt. The story about Batman is intriguing as it’s purely nostalgic. Batman first appeared in American comic books published by DC comics in 1939. Bob Keane and…

…it’s time for us to accept the black cape, the black symbol, the bat symbol as our symbols for what a superhero is. It’s time to accept Batman as not just the savior of Gotham, but of the world. Description by Ali Alhamadah…

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