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Greek Orthodox Clergyman Doll

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Greek Orthodox Clergyman Doll


Religion; Orthodox Christianity; Greek Orthodox Church; Clergyman; Male Doll


This is a predominantly cloth doll (head, hands, and body) with a firm material (possibly wood or sawdust) used for the legs. The doll is dressed in undergarments made of linen sewn underneath a robe. The doll wears a Kalimavkion (the headdress) made of a silky material that has faded and slightly deteriorated with age. The robes are mostly loose, but the headdress is sewn to the doll's head. The doll also wears a metal (possibly nickel) cross. The doll is wearing shoes made of leather.

The doll's hair/beard is made of black cotton and is sewn onto the doll's head. The doll's facial details are painted on with black paint for the facial hair and brown paint for the eye. Underneath the beard is a painted-on mouth in the shape of a grin with a mustache above the mouth.




Unknown: Possibly a French doll-maker, but could also be Serbian in origin due to subject matter.


Unknown: Possibly 20th Century


Jerett W. Godeke; Gift of Chris Seidman


~10 inches tall


Still Image


The doll depicts a clergyman of the Greek Orthodox Church. The headdress it wears matches the description of this church denomination, being a black kalimavkion with a flat top. The doll also wears a cross that resembles the cross used by the Greek Orthodox Church and its faithful.

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