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Polish Sawdust Doll

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Polish Sawdust Doll


Poland, Sawdust Doll, Polish Highlander


The composite doll head is topped with a black full brimmed hat with white and brown twine around the bill and white yarn hair. The doll has painted blue eyes and a red open painted mouth. The doll has a sawdust filled cloth body and legs. The hands and shoes are felt, with light brown (flesh colored) hands and dark brown shoes. The torso and arms are light brown representing a long sleeve shirt and a felt dark brown vest with a darker woven brown yarn trim. The vest is tied with a piece of rope twine. A brown paper circle 1 inch tag is at belt with a green baby silhouette in the middle. "Made in Poland" is atop the circle and a polish name is on the bottom. The white pants have blue pipping on the side and a blue pattern on the top of each thigh.






Justin Kindelt, Gift of Chris Seidman


6 inches tall.


Still Image


This doll is the representation of a Polish Highlander or Górale, in the ethnicity’s native
language. The group lives in the highlands from the Ostrawica Valley in today's Czech Republic
to Poland's Biały Czeremosz Valley and is known for sheep herding in the high mountain ranges
of the region. In the light-colored long-sleeved shirt, white pants, black vest, and black full
brimmed hat this doll appears dressed for the Mieszanie Owiec or Mixing of the Sheep. This
event takes place in the spring and represents the Górale’s sheep leaving their villages and
returning to the open pastures of the higher mountains. A feather in the full brimmed hat usually
means a man is unmarried, so sorry this doll is taken.

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