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Nun Doll


Nun, Religion, Catholic, Habit, Sisters, Congregation of Women Religious.


The doll has a composition body, with a painted face consisting of blue eyes, eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and rep lips. The mouth of the doll is closed. The doll has moveable arms and is on a Knickerbocker stand. The doll is a nun wearing a black habit, with a dark blue rope tied around her waist. The habit covers the doll entirely; therefore, only her face is exposed. The habit is predominately black silk with a black and white veil. The veil drapes down the back of the doll.






Olivia Cotterman; Gift of Chris Seidman


8 inches tall


Still Image


This doll represents an order of a Catholic nun. The garment the doll is wearing is known as a
religious habit. The habit can vary depending on the different orders of the nun. The head
covering of the habit is known as a Christian veiling. A nun must take a vow of poverty,
modesty, etc.; the veil shows others that she has taken her vows. It is also a symbol of purity and
modesty. A nun will have a white veil for novitiates, and when the nun has taken their vows,
they will wear a black veil. The cincture or the rope around the doll's waist is typically tied into
three knots representing their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The meaning, types of
knots, and color of the cincture can change depending on the nun's order.

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