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British Bobby


British Palace Guard, British Grenadier


Cloth doll dressed in a red uniform of a British Queen's Guard with bronze braid placed vertically along the chest. Pants are made of blue velvet darkened through age with a red stripe running vertically along the sides. Shoes are fully black with a tag on the right shoe stating "Made in England by Norah Wellings". Wears a white belt over uniform with a small bronze button in the front. Cuffs are blue with a wide white stripe with bronze braid. Shoulder boards are blue with white stripes on the edges. Collar is blue pieces with bronze button in the middle of the neck. Face is Hand painted face with open smile and white eyes with large black irises pointing to its right. Streaked black lines along the upper eyes resemble eyebrows. Cheeks are flushed slightly red and nose pointed upward with red nostrils. Wears a tall traditional grenadier bearskin cap that is trimmed to give the appearance of fur. No hair is visible underneath. A white ribbon reminiscent of a feather is attached the the lower right of the bearskin cap.


Norah Wellings


C. 1930-50s


Austin Kepling, Gift of Chris Seidman


8 Inches tall


Still Image


This "British Bobby" doll is a Norah Wellings creation dating from the 1930's to 50's and was made in England. He is dressed in the garb of a British Grenadier from the 19th century, perhaps better known as the type that guard Buckingham Palace. He wears the distinctive bearskin hat typical of such units. "Bobby" is a slang term for London's Metropolitan Policemen; however the slang term for a British Royal Guard is "Beefeater", supposedly stemming from a old practice where a guard invited to the King's table could consume as much meat as they wished.

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