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Latvian Folk Doll

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Latvian Folk Doll


Latvia, folk art, handmade


Hand-stitched cloth body. Hand-embroidered face with blue eyes and a red closed-mouth smile. White wool fiber hair in two braids; Wool woven headband that is red and white, red sequins, and blue, black, and white edge. Hand-stitched white cotton shirt with lace collar and small gold medallion at neck; wool woven skirt with primarily red and strips of green, black, and white threads in the warp, black threads in weft. Wool woven belt that is red and white with blue, white, and black edges. Attached tag reads in Latvian "Tatviesu Tautas Lietiskas Makslas Biedriba" ["Latvian People - Society of Applied Arts"]


Latvian Folk Art Society




Ashley Phlipot; Gift of Chris Seidman


7.5 inches


still image


Souvenir dolls like this one are often made in traditional styles and sold to tourists to promote a
country and culture. Entirely handmade, this doll stands 7.5 inches tall and is dressed in a
national costume of Latvia, possibly from the Selija region in the southeast part of the country.
Her body is made of cloth, and she wears a white linen shirt with lace collar and a gold circular
brooch at her neck. Her red wool woven skirt striped with blue, black, and white. A matching
belt and headdress complete her look and are woven in white, red, and blue with cross patterns.
The attached tag reads in Latvian "Tatviesu Tautas Lietiskas Makslas Biedriba" ["Latvian Folk
Art Society"]. This doll is a great example of the traditional dress and weaving techniques that
are still celebrated and practiced today.

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