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Norah Wellings Native American Indian Chief Doll

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Norah Wellings Native American Indian Chief Doll


Norah Wellings; cloth doll; Indian Chief Doll


Cloth doll with molded face and hands in velveteen finish dressed in orange felt shirt and britches, with brown and yellow fringe and red, yellow, and brown decorations. Wearing headdress of tan, brown, and yellow felt, with a brown cloth scarf around his neck and brown moccasins on his feet. Black yarn hair in a ponytail style. Identification labels on both feet.


Norah Wellings


1930s-1940s; possibly 1936


Trisha Bonham; Gift from Chris Seidman


10 inches tall


Still image


Norah Wellings produced dolls in England from 1919-1959, and were sold worldwide,
particularly as cruise ship souvenirs and mascots. Each Wellings doll was fully marked with a
sewn-on label, either at the wrist or the foot, indicating a true Norah Wellings creation. This
Native American doll was probably created in the 1930s-1940s, possibly in 1936, and most
likely was purchased as a souvenir representative of the traditional image of an American Indian.

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