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No "Nice Nelly" was Nellie article from a magazine pp. 102



No "Nice Nelly" was Nellie article from a magazine pp. 102


Nellie McClung
Gwen Matheson & V. E. Lang


This is a personal story of a mother suffragist, by the name of Nellie McClung. Born in 1873, in Manitoba, Canada Nelly would become the first female member of the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) board of governors. At a young age, Nellie waned and knew that women had the right and want for education. Married at 17, she took the role of a housewife and mother at a young age. She knew her life was deserving of being remembered for more than just her contributions as a wife and mother. Instead, she wanted to be remembered for her attributes towards women’s rights. Mrs. McClung became an advocate for women’s rights even after receiving much backlash for her opinions. The article, NO "NICE NELLY" WAS Nellie written by author Gwen Matheson & V. E. Lang… states that Nellie was said to believe, “...women had to learn to help themselves and especially overcome the martyr-complex that had been ingrained in them through centuries,” (Matheson 103). Nellie was successful in her attempts of being remembered far beyond motherhood. She has been remembered as a woman who fought for women’s rights, “personhood” against sweatshops, drunkenness and unwanted births.


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