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Why Women Want Suffrage by Jessica G. Finch


Why Women Want Suffrage by Jessica G. Finch


New York Times
Jessica G. Finch


This article was published on December 20, 1911 by The New York Times. It explored the opinions and views of suffragist Jessica G. Finch which were all related to the women’s suffrage movement. Finch discussed how unfulfilled she felt as a mother and a homemaker. She believed that women should have more choices available to them instead of being expected to have babies and clean a house. For Jessica Finch, she perceived her greater purpose to be in the political field. In order to move into the political field, she thought she should focus more on her own goal than of other people like children. This was one reason she believed women should not automatically be expected to have children just because of their sex. The idea that the lives of women should not be decided from birth was similar to ideas present in the woman suffragist movement which emphasized how women should be able to have more autonomy in their choices. This ties back to this article because Finch wanted to be involved in the political field and was unsatisfied with just having children. Women like Finch seeing a political career as an option demonstrates how women started feeling like they could do more with their life than just being traditional housewives. The women’s suffrage movement and the idea of The New Woman helped women break down stereotypes such as women belonging in the home. The progressive ideas stemming from these both were great and could have encouraged Finch to pursue a political career.


New York Times


Dec 2, 1911


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