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Black Families


The African American family is portrayed in so many different ways. As a group we tried to pull different examples of different ways that black families were portrayed. My specific example was a picture and an article about an African American family in a newspaper. It is clearly an old newspaper because it is a very worn page and the clothes that the family members are wearing are very dated. In the photograph there are four males family members and four female members. The boys are all dressed in what appears to be their Sunday best in button-ups and ties, and the girls seem to be dressed the same in dresses and their nice jewelry. This particular family, the Bond family, is representing a family that has been loyal to the company Maytag for 31 years. Clearly the newspaper is giving off the impression that this family is well off and is able to afford a nice and prestigious brand of washer and dryer. Another way they are being portrayed as a very well off family is because they are all dressed in very nice and proper clothes. Another main factor to take note of in this picture is that the family looks very posed and all very happy. Clearly Maytag wanted people to view this family as living the American dream, when in reality we all know that in this time period, people of color were feeling the exact opposite of living the dream.


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