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April 8, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a humorous account of the arrival of 8 cows in their yard, and the attempts of a Mr. Stokes to drive them out.

January 5, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a humorous letter to her father, making up details to supplant the lack of news. She describes her own printing responsibilities, and asks if she might "set up as a boy" once her brother Don leaves home.

October 29, 1891

One of the longest handwritten letters at 9 pages, Mary Leslie Newton recounts a great deal of news. She notes that the rumors of a panther were found to relate to bear sightings, describes a visit to the Teacher's Institute, and shares her Halloween…

September 30, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton quotes a poem to excuse her short letter and describes a variety of social calls along with her teaching music, attending Sunday school, visiting the cemetery, and missing a dog show. She continues a discussion she and her father…

September 9, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton wrote a lengthy letter to her father about a fall she took, the repair of her watch, her sister Halley's studies, a croquet game, and a social call. She concludes with a humorous postscript about her height.

October 23, Undated

In this undated letter, Mary Leslie Newton describes visiting the school building and sitting in on a variety of lessons, as well as receiving a photograph from a previous teacher. She mentions a social call and her music student. The letter shifts…

August 5, 1891

In this very brief letter, Mary Leslie Newton offers meta-commentary on the letter, bemoans the lack of news, describes a visit from their cousins, writes a sentence or so in German. A postscript in which she refers to herself as "Dorothy Q"…

July 29, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes the lack of news, mentions issues with the typewriter, humorously describes her wishes for more news, discusses prayer-meeting, a new baby, and her role as a music teacher. A handwritten postscript asks her father to…