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March 26, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes her school work, commiserates with her father about broken watches, discusses her grandmother's scrapbook and poetry. A penciled postscript explains the use of a certain type of envelope for the letters.

Reactions to Dr. King's Death

Ella P. Stewart documented her reactions to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death and how much work the movement still had to accomplish.

Black Heroes

This scrapbook page contains a news clipping and commentary from Ella P. Stewart about the importance of recording the history of black heroes.

NACW Trip to Paris

Ella P. Stewart documented her trip to Paris, France on her way to represent the National Association of Colored Women (NACW) at the International Congress of Women in Greece.

Back of Train

This scrapbook page features a photo of Mrs. Stewart standing on the steps of a train. Her commentary underneath is about her trip to Europe where she will be an ambassador for the NACW.