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March 30, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a two-part letter to her father detailing the weather, her attendance at a Presbyterian club with her brother Don, Halley's health, and problems with the typewriter. She signs the letter "Dorothy."

August 19, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton writes about her ongoing issues with the typewriter, the distractions caused by the cat, the end of the Teacher's Institute, and some social calls. A handwritten note at the end of the letter recounts the weather. The letter has a…

December 12, 1890

The letter recounts school events, including a series of small fires, prayer meeting, "squaws," a lecture, their cats, the appearance of a beggar, the arrival of a box from the Century Company, and the weather.

March 2, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes the weather, requests more frequent communication from her father, and mentions some social calls and news. A handwritten postscript asks if he enjoyed the "indian lecture."