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July 22, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton begins the letter in German and signs her name at the end as "Marylesliedorothyrosamondxenianewton." She describes issues with the typewriter, a series of social calls, and her sister Halley's vision problems. A handwritten…

October 14, Undated

This undated letter is likely from 1891 or later, 1891 being the year the Newton family got a typewriter. Mary Leslie Newton describes hunting for nuts with her siblings, includes a humorous introduction regarding the drawing at the top of the first…

August 26, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides meta-commentary on the letter itself and other letters she is writing, social calls, and changes at the church. She requests that her father pay them a visit. The letter concludes with a small handwritten note when she ran…

February 4, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes the improvement of her feet, but the development of a swelling in her hand that is making her handwriting poor. She discusses the weather and an auction at a fancy goods store, from which her brother purchased a fine…

March 28, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her continued dental issues, a series of social calls, a recent job application, and the placement of furniture throughout the new house.

May 2, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes a job application she put together with the help of her brother Don, for a teaching post; the copy of the letter she mentions is included. She also describes a variety of flowers, the weather, and Halley's health.

June 13, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her surprise on hearing her family react to good news in a letter from her father, which is evidently that the family was to move to Ooltewah and that a teaching position had been secured for her there.

July 12, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of the heat, a humorous description of the many types of errands she has been asked to run, the repair of her watch, and an update on Halley's health.