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April 7, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes the arrival of some flowers, concern about her grandmother's health, and the social calls they have had with their new neighbors. She also announces the arrival of some new kittens.

December 14, 1891

In an unusually short letter, Mary Leslie Newton comments on the lack of news, her frustration with the typewriter, and a visit from her grandmother.

December 1, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton writes to her father about a variety of social calls, illnesses, her grandmother's recent fall, and other local news.

November 5, 1891

Writing in a daily journal style, Mary Leslie Newton recounts the weather, prayer-meeting, Epworth League, and her family's recent spate of illnesses, including issues with her own teeth.

October 29, 1891

One of the longest handwritten letters at 9 pages, Mary Leslie Newton recounts a great deal of news. She notes that the rumors of a panther were found to relate to bear sightings, describes a visit to the Teacher's Institute, and shares her Halloween…