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August 12, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton wrote a short letter to her father describing the results of her examination — an average of 83 that she notes is passing but disappointing. She observes that due to her "unlucky age" (17 at the time of writing), she was unable to…

May 21, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides meta-commentary on the letter throughout and the typewriter issues she was having. She describes a Lal Bagh meeting, her grades, the weather, cleaning the attic, playing croquet, church and Sunday school, and a lost watch…

April 9, 1891

This letter contains a typewritten and a handwritten letter, sent at the same time due to a delay. One page of the typewritten letter has a pencil drawing of a bird. The letter describes a trip to the YMCA reading room, weather, a frightening…

March 26, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes her school work, commiserates with her father about broken watches, discusses her grandmother's scrapbook and poetry. A penciled postscript explains the use of a certain type of envelope for the letters.

January 8, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton writes an account of recent events, including social interactions, her school report, and a missing cat.