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March 4, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a short missive describing the early stages of preparing to move to a new house, including pulling up carpets and the number of books that will need to be moved.

March 6, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton provides an ongoing account of the moving process, focusing particularly and humorously on the family's large number of books. She summarizes a letter received from an uncle, notes attendance at church, and mentions the pension…

March 8, Undated

This undated letter describes the usual lack of news, housecleaning, and Mary Leslie Newton's ongoing issues with a couple of her teeth. A humorous postscript describes an interaction with her grandmother about her height.

May 21, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides meta-commentary on the letter throughout and the typewriter issues she was having. She describes a Lal Bagh meeting, her grades, the weather, cleaning the attic, playing croquet, church and Sunday school, and a lost watch…

October 14, Undated

This undated letter is likely from 1891 or later, 1891 being the year the Newton family got a typewriter. Mary Leslie Newton describes hunting for nuts with her siblings, includes a humorous introduction regarding the drawing at the top of the first…