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February 2, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes brief letter to her father discussing a carpet delivery, the dining room table, and a postscript about potential locations to move to, including Cleveland.

March 18, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton recounts the ongoing process of moving, the weather, her sister Halley's illness, and the pulling of one of her teeth. She provides a thorough description of the decor of the rooms in their new home.

March 4, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a short missive describing the early stages of preparing to move to a new house, including pulling up carpets and the number of books that will need to be moved.

March 6, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton provides an ongoing account of the moving process, focusing particularly and humorously on the family's large number of books. She summarizes a letter received from an uncle, notes attendance at church, and mentions the pension…