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22 Year Calendar

Pocket-sized calendar with a movable wheel which allows a person to align months of the years 1935-1956 with the proper starting day of the week.

Bicentennial Calendar Commemorative Edition

A 1990 calendar celebrating American history from around 1790.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The month of March for a calendar featuring Spider-Man history


A calendar featuring Coca-Cola history and advertisements through the years.

American Beauty

Portion of a trifold calendar with an image of an "American Beauty" and four months of the year 1915 in each portion.

1990 Calendar of African American History

A calendar from a series of calendars focusing on African-American history. This year’s edition highlights jazz musician Milt Hinton.

Glory: A Celebration of the American Flag

A calendar commemorating a “spirit of solidarity” demonstrated by the extensive presence of the American flag in the weeks and months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Season’s Greetings

This advertisement for a dry goods shop features a small flip calendar at the bottom.

Old Dutch Windmill

The month of January for a calendar given by Holland Pioneer Mills. This month and the memo to customers constitutes the entirety of the artifact at the University Libraries archives.