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March 13, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her laziness, the errands she has been running, continued dental work, and updates from church and Epworth League. A postscript requests that her father not purchase any more gum until something is straightened out with…

February 19, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton misdates her typewritten letter and points out the error. She notes that her father has not commented yet on the family publication, The Round Table. She describes a variety of social calls and her resumed drawing lessons.

January 26, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her ongoing difficulty getting shoes on, and her decision to go to a revival meeting, Epworth League, and Lal Bagh regardless. Halley heard footsteps outside the house. The family all participated in the creation of a…

February 1, Undated

It seems likely that this letter is from 1892, based on Mary Leslie Newton's ongoing discussion of her problems with her feet in the cold. She discusses the lack of news, a publication she put together with her siblings, and the weather.