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June 4, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton offers meta-commentary on her letter, describes the arrival and drowning of some kittens, and discusses repairs to her watch. She describes weather and church, noting that she disapproves of women preaching. She closes by talking…

July 8, 1891

Because her brother Don was using the typewriter, Mary Leslie Newton explains that she is obligated to write her letter by hand. She discusses her laziness and recent illness, a party, Sunday school and Young People's meeting, and a variety of social…

August 19, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton writes about her ongoing issues with the typewriter, the distractions caused by the cat, the end of the Teacher's Institute, and some social calls. A handwritten note at the end of the letter recounts the weather. The letter has a…

August 11, 1891

An unusual letter compared to the others: Mary Leslie Newton was attending a Teacher's Institute. In addition to her normal meta-commentary, observations about weather, church, and school, she also combined multiple handwritten sections amid the…

May 21, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides meta-commentary on the letter throughout and the typewriter issues she was having. She describes a Lal Bagh meeting, her grades, the weather, cleaning the attic, playing croquet, church and Sunday school, and a lost watch…

May 14, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes Latin and Botany lessons, offers meta-commentary on the letter itself, discusses croquet, church, quilting, a potential argument with her sister Halley, and prayer-meeting.

May 7, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton discusses the news, the weather, games of croquet and beanbag with friends, adventures along the Dayton railroad, flower gathering, Sunday school, and briefly mentions a visit to the cemetery.

April 23, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes the weather, humorously chides her father for not telling them whether or not he is will, blames the typewriter for her silliness, and discusses yard work and exams.

April 9, 1891

This letter contains a typewritten and a handwritten letter, sent at the same time due to a delay. One page of the typewritten letter has a pencil drawing of a bird. The letter describes a trip to the YMCA reading room, weather, a frightening…

April 2, 1891

The letter describes a postal delay, Latin lessons, a Six Sisters concert, Easter service and decorations, and includes a typewritten poem titled "Bellerophon." She asks whether she should learn stenography.