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March 6, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton provides an ongoing account of the moving process, focusing particularly and humorously on the family's large number of books. She summarizes a letter received from an uncle, notes attendance at church, and mentions the pension…

February 16, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes a recent aurora, her attendance at Sunday school and some criticism of the sermon, and an interaction between the family cat Koko and a strange cat.

February 1, Undated

It seems likely that this letter is from 1892, based on Mary Leslie Newton's ongoing discussion of her problems with her feet in the cold. She discusses the lack of news, a publication she put together with her siblings, and the weather.

December 29, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton notes that she cannot think of any news to tell her father, but briefly describes Sunday school, local illnesses, her brother Don's fall through a cellar window, and asks how much her father thinks it will cost to send him a copy…

December 24, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of Christmas gifts given and received, as well as several local deaths due to illness. She signs her name Dorothy Q.

November 5, 1891

Writing in a daily journal style, Mary Leslie Newton recounts the weather, prayer-meeting, Epworth League, and her family's recent spate of illnesses, including issues with her own teeth.

October 29, 1891

One of the longest handwritten letters at 9 pages, Mary Leslie Newton recounts a great deal of news. She notes that the rumors of a panther were found to relate to bear sightings, describes a visit to the Teacher's Institute, and shares her Halloween…

September 30, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton quotes a poem to excuse her short letter and describes a variety of social calls along with her teaching music, attending Sunday school, visiting the cemetery, and missing a dog show. She continues a discussion she and her father…

September 23, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton wrote a short letter on account of her cold, in which she comments humorously on the size of her nose, and describes prayer-meeting, social calls, and her struggle to find a job.

September 9, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton wrote a lengthy letter to her father about a fall she took, the repair of her watch, her sister Halley's studies, a croquet game, and a social call. She concludes with a humorous postscript about her height.