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  • Tags: Representations of Blackness

Smoky Mokes

Sheet music cover depicts a photograph of four African American children smiling for the camera.

Sheet music containing the songs Cakewalk and Two-Step as performed by the Smoky Mokes.

Syncopated Rags

Sheet music cover illustration of a farm setting with a black man about to cut a watermelon. The illustration includes a photo inset of Chas. H. Rose.

The Cakewalk in the Sky

Sheet music cover illustration depicting a winged black skinned couple dancing on a cloud with two more people playing the music. Off to the side is a man with a large key ring to the gate behind them.

Warmin Up in Dixie

Sheet music cover illustration depicts a night scene in which a group of African American people are dancing around an outdoor fire.

Whistling Rufus

Sheet Music cover illustration of a black whistling while playing a guitar and several couples dancing in the background.

Dance Till De Sun Back

CD cover depicts a group of African American dancers being watched by a crowd of blacks and whites. A prize cake is sitting on a table on a stage.