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Songs and Stories of the Red Man

An advertisement for "Songs and Stories of the Red Man," a show by the Gale Costume Lectures, performed by Albert Gale and Martha Brockway Gale.

Napanee: A Song Founded on Actual Facts

Last two pages of score to "Napanee" with lyrics. Lyrics to the chorus read:Pretty little Indian Napanee,Will you take a chance and marry me?Tho' daddy is a chief, 'tis my belief,To a very merry wedding he'll agree.True you're a dark little Indian…

John Kilham / Ko-la-wash-ta

An advertisement for John Kilham's performance of "real Indian life" in character and full costume as "Ko-la-wash-ta."

Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains

A group of white cowboys gathered around an Indian cook kneeling at the camp fire.

Buffalo Hunt

A postcard from a man to a male friend depicting a Native American on a horse with a spear in a "traditional" buffalo hunt.