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MAD Magazine: Women's Fashion

A "MAD Valentine" to the Designer's of Women's Fashions. The text reads: "Dear Valentine! Your dresses hang like burlap sacks, Your coats are a disgrace, Your hats might well have been designed For use in outer space, Before you make up next…

MAD Magazine: Voyeur "Get-Well"

A parodied "get well" note to a "compulsive exhibitionist from her friendly neighborhood voyeur." "Your sickness, neighbor, is my boon! It fits with mine like "June" and "moon." Yet fair play bids me wish you well; May you escape your private…

Sensuous Orient and its Scrutable Dolls

This is a sensational story in a men's magazine. The full title reads: "A young bachelor discovers that a co-ed Japanese bath can lead to even more exciting discoveries about the sensuous orient and its scrutable dolls."

The second image depicts…