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January 26, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her ongoing difficulty getting shoes on, and her decision to go to a revival meeting, Epworth League, and Lal Bagh regardless. Halley heard footsteps outside the house. The family all participated in the creation of a…

October 7, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton included newspaper clippings for a Lal Bagh event, describes her music teaching and various social calls, along with church. The typewritten letter includes a handwritten postscript celebrating the announcement of upcoming literary…

September 16, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton humorously explains the date discrepancy on a previous letter and describes a series of social calls, including a mishap with directions. She mentions grape picking and a Lal Bagh reception.

August 19, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton writes about her ongoing issues with the typewriter, the distractions caused by the cat, the end of the Teacher's Institute, and some social calls. A handwritten note at the end of the letter recounts the weather. The letter has a…

May 21, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides meta-commentary on the letter throughout and the typewriter issues she was having. She describes a Lal Bagh meeting, her grades, the weather, cleaning the attic, playing croquet, church and Sunday school, and a lost watch…

May 14, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes Latin and Botany lessons, offers meta-commentary on the letter itself, discusses croquet, church, quilting, a potential argument with her sister Halley, and prayer-meeting.