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April 3, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes Halley's visit to Dayton and the improvement in her health and vision, the events of April Fool's day, and a series of social calls. She also describes a lightning strike that hit a tree near their new house.

February 4, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes the improvement of her feet, but the development of a swelling in her hand that is making her handwriting poor. She discusses the weather and an auction at a fancy goods store, from which her brother purchased a fine…

January 19, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton records her Aunt Lizzie's instructions that she is not to leave the house until the snow is gone because of her swollen feet. She wishes her father would send her a pair of boots. A postscript at the end asks if she had previously…

January 8, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton recounts the lack of news, the weather, some social calls, and ongoing local illnesses. A postscript notes that a woman had died the previous night.

December 8, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes her cold and the effort she and her aunt are putting forth to entertain Halley, who was forbidden from using her eyes much. She describes a purchase of coal and her decision to begin wearing her brother Don's old collars,…

December 3, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of recent events, including bad news about her sister Halley's vision, good news about her teeth, and a handwritten postscript regarding the type of envelope she is using.