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MAD Magazine: Voyeur "Get-Well"

A parodied "get well" note to a "compulsive exhibitionist from her friendly neighborhood voyeur." "Your sickness, neighbor, is my boon! It fits with mine like "June" and "moon." Yet fair play bids me wish you well; May you escape your private…

The Competition Will Soon be Over

This flyer is a typed and handwritten "letter" to women encouraging them to stop competing for beauty but instead to "be angry" about the ways that women's bodies are being used.

Female Liberation Newsletter (cover)

The cover depicts six women of varying shapes and appearances, some with the liberation power fist in the air. The lower text says, "We need to work together for peace and freedom."

New School Summer Arts Festival presents Poets from the New Bohemia

From the papers of Carol Berge (1920-2006), the original collaged flyer for a poetry reading at The New School for Social Research. Berge was an active participant in the poetic renaissance and multimedia movement of the 1960s.

Future Jobs for High School Girls, 1966

A US Department of Labor publication presenting career options to female high school students.