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May 24, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes an interaction between a buffalo from the circus and a local cow. The letter is signed "Dorothy"

March 30, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a two-part letter to her father detailing the weather, her attendance at a Presbyterian club with her brother Don, Halley's health, and problems with the typewriter. She signs the letter "Dorothy."

January 26, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her ongoing difficulty getting shoes on, and her decision to go to a revival meeting, Epworth League, and Lal Bagh regardless. Halley heard footsteps outside the house. The family all participated in the creation of a…

December 24, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of Christmas gifts given and received, as well as several local deaths due to illness. She signs her name Dorothy Q.

July 15, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton discusses her recent examinations in grammar, history, and geography, humorously describing the kinds of questions she had to answer. She describes her drawing lessons and mentions some social calls. She requests, in a postscript,…

August 5, 1891

In this very brief letter, Mary Leslie Newton offers meta-commentary on the letter, bemoans the lack of news, describes a visit from their cousins, writes a sentence or so in German. A postscript in which she refers to herself as "Dorothy Q"…