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July 20, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a humorous introduction regarding the "business" of moving, in which she discusses when she will go to Ooltewah, the clothes she has, and what books she has and needs for teaching.

April 3, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes Halley's visit to Dayton and the improvement in her health and vision, the events of April Fool's day, and a series of social calls. She also describes a lightning strike that hit a tree near their new house.

March 15, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton provides a copy of a letter of recommendation that she plans to send out in search of a position as a teacher. She describes her ongoing dental issues, her sister Halley's illness, and their progress in moving to a new house.

December 3, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of recent events, including bad news about her sister Halley's vision, good news about her teeth, and a handwritten postscript regarding the type of envelope she is using.