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December 29, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton notes that she cannot think of any news to tell her father, but briefly describes Sunday school, local illnesses, her brother Don's fall through a cellar window, and asks how much her father thinks it will cost to send him a copy…

December 26, 1891

In a very short letter, Mary Leslie Newton provides a brief account of their Christmas gifts.

December 24, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of Christmas gifts given and received, as well as several local deaths due to illness. She signs her name Dorothy Q.

December 23, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton provides a humorous account of her forgetfulness, which caused her to miss a week of letters; she goes on to discuss further activity related to the potential sale of their house, as well as Christmas gifts and shopping.

December 5, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton writes a business letter to her father about a woman who has offered to trade them her farm for their house, and requests her father's response.

Undated, December 30

This undated letter is likely from 1891, the year the Newton family first had their typewriter. Mary Leslie Newton recounts some Christmas events and notes that she misses her father.