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Saturday Evening Post 1858 "Bloomers" Essay

Essay entitled "The Bloomer Dress Deformers" in the Saturday Evening Post, 1858, denigrating women attending the 3rd Annual National Dress Reform Association convention in Cortlandville, New York.

Cover of Good Housekeeping, October 1913.

Cover of Good Housekeeping ladies' magazine in October 1913 with illustration by Coles Phillips.

No "Nice Nelly" was Nellie article from a magazine pp. 102

This is a personal story of a mother suffragist, by the name of Nellie McClung. Born in 1873, in Manitoba, Canada Nelly would become the first female member of the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) board of governors. At a young age, Nellie…

Excerpt from "How to get a husband"

These pages are from a section of the book entitled “How To Get A Husband” by Betty Van Deventer which provided an in-depth list of duties and behaviors women were expected to follow in order to get a husband during the 1900s. In the passage, Betty…

Anti-Suffrage "Chivalrous Cowardice"

A persuasive article coining the term "Chivalrous Cowardice" which states that men are cowards if they support the enfranchisement of women.

Article Reviewing Annual Suffrage Meeting

Anti-Suffrage newspaper article that reports on the Annual Suffrage Meeting

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day card sent between two women, Norma Church and Louise Weaver.

Woman's Home Companion

A woman suffragist and her male lawyer fiance breaking off their engagement because he does not support her cause.

Why Women Want Suffrage by Jessica G. Finch

This article was published on December 20, 1911 by The New York Times. It explored the opinions and views of suffragist Jessica G. Finch which were all related to the women’s suffrage movement. Finch discussed how unfulfilled she felt as a mother and…

Mildly Militant Suffragists Who Are Picketing the White House

This newspaper article shows and discusses how the "mildly militant" Silent Sentinels from the Congressional Union blocked two entrances to the white house in an effort to get President Wilson to support women's suffrage. After their demonstrations,…