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Chinese Lullaby

Cover of the score for "Chinese Lullaby" from the musical East is West, performed by Fay Bainter

Napanee: A Song Founded on Actual Facts

Last two pages of score to "Napanee" with lyrics. Lyrics to the chorus read:Pretty little Indian Napanee,Will you take a chance and marry me?Tho' daddy is a chief, 'tis my belief,To a very merry wedding he'll agree.True you're a dark little Indian…

Oh! Didn't It Rain

Cover of the score for "Oh! Didn't It Rain," written and performed by Eddie Leonard (the minstrel) with portrait of Leonard in blackface.

Dance Till De Sun Back

CD cover depicts a group of African American dancers being watched by a crowd of blacks and whites. A prize cake is sitting on a table on a stage.

Whistling Rufus

Sheet Music cover illustration of a black whistling while playing a guitar and several couples dancing in the background.

Warmin Up in Dixie

Sheet music cover illustration depicts a night scene in which a group of African American people are dancing around an outdoor fire.

The Cakewalk in the Sky

Sheet music cover illustration depicting a winged black skinned couple dancing on a cloud with two more people playing the music. Off to the side is a man with a large key ring to the gate behind them.

Syncopated Rags

Sheet music cover illustration of a farm setting with a black man about to cut a watermelon. The illustration includes a photo inset of Chas. H. Rose.