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Your boy is your greatest business

This is an advertisement for the magazine "The American Boy."

The American Magazinecover, February 1923.

This cover of theAmerican Magazine, Vol. 95, No. 2, features a blonde and blue-eyed teenage girl. The plump and cherubic red cheeks highlight her young age, but her reserved smile is a sign of a respectable lady.

The American Magazine Cover, May 1923

This cover of the American Magazine, Vol. 95, No. 5, published in May 1923, features the portrayal of a raven-haired white young woman with pouty lips.

Japanese Joe's Daring Deed

Text accompanying illustration of Japanese Joe in various disguises: "Before Japanese Joe could conclude he was struck senseless to the earth."

Frank Merriwell's Young Winners

Text accompanying cover illustration of Chinese man leaping onto young man's back: "Sing Lo came sailing through the air and struck astride Sim's neck, hurling Scrogg down upon his face. 'Oh, goodee jumpee!' squealed the delighted visitor, 'Oh, fineā€¦

Tracked by the Dead

Old Cap. Collier library, No. 110

Text from cover: "The detective, disguised as a Chinaman, told Ruth to enter the hamper and he would save her," accompanied by illustration depicting the protagonist in traditional Chinese dress and with a queue.