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Emma Butman's Letter to her cousin from San Francisco

Emma Butman, a native of Waterville, Minnesota, wrote this lengthy letter to her cousin from San Francisco when she visited the city with her mother. Then a 23-year-old single woman, Emma waschaperoned by her mother during her travel.…

Charlie Chan Solves a New Mystery

Cover illustration depicting the character Charlie Chan using a magnifying glass to examine the objects on a table

President Fu Manchu

Spine illustration on hardcover edition of book depicting the character Dr. Fu Manchu

The Girl's Own Paper

The Girl's Own Paper was aBritish magazine targeting young female readers and waswidely read in America and Canada during 1880 and 1920. Its content covered a wide variety of subjects surrounding a girl's life, such as dress, reading, and exercise,…

J. & P. Coats Best Six Cord Thread

Labelled "The Mikado," along with the following parody lyrics:

"My object all sublime I shall attain in time To let the punishment fit the crime, the punishment fit the crime All people who have to do sewing And don't use COATS' Six Cord…

New Process Gloss and Corn Starch

Text in left panel: "Old processee starchee no goodee. It smellee rots & makee shirts yellee."

Text in right panel: "I will never use any other but the New Process Starch."