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Posters for Vogel's Big City Minstrels

A photograph of posters for Vogel's Big City Minstrels on display against the outside of a building on a street corner, taken 1913.

North and South

Cover of the scriptNorth and Southpresented by The Ideals. An original written by John Himmelein himself, this particular copy is comprised of handwritten "sides". Before printing services were readily available, actors were given handwritten sides…

Yellow Tour List

This tour list details cities visited in one season by The Ideals. Shows were staged in full, then shipped via railway to cities across the Northeast.

Northern LightsFlyer

An advertisement for the Ideal's production ofNorthern Lights, performed as a part of their touring repertiore.

Play List

Play list on file with The Ideals, most likely used for script perusal. Several plays, includingQueena andRanch 10were performed by The Ideals.

Faurot Opera House Programme

Back cover of the Faurot Opera House's 1892-1893 season. In addition to giving information about the performance, program space was also sold for advertisements.

Ticket: Admit One Lady

Admission ticket used for an unspecified opening night performance given by The Ideals.

Better Than Gold Etching

An etching found in the script of the playBetter Than Gold: A Drama in Four Actsby George M. Baker. This style of theatre is characteristic of the work The Ideals performed on a regular basis.

"Down in Dixie"

Page from the playDown in Dixie.