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"Ketu for Eshu"

The intention of this song that opens "public" ceremonies, is to dismiss the trickster-deity Eshu, whom clears the path for other divinities to come and possess participants. Women are the vocal performers on this track. In contrast to…

"Minorities, University reach accord on demands" an article in BG News , 1979

This articles details a sit-in of minority students to force the Bowling Green State University's administration to respond more favorably to the 1979 Black Student Union’s demands and the positive result of the sit-in.

"Spokesman reviews Black Culture," an article in BG News, 1971

This article called for higher attendance of white students, professors, and staff who could learn more about black culture from the Black Culture week organized by Black Student Union at BGSU

"The Victims" Article from Black Rebellion

Article entitled "The Victims" appearing on page 20 of a pamphlet entitled "Black Rebellion" warning against the dangers of Black Protest and relating the effects on its white victims.

"Votes for Wimin" Song Book

Cover art for the anti-suffrage song "Votes for Wimin." Features lines in a chant song that suggest mockery toward suffragists.

Graduate Instructor Composition Workshop Agenda

A detailed agenda for class activities for the graduate instructor composition workshop.

Introduction: Mighty times : The Children's March

Teaching Tolerance presents a production of Tell the Truth Pictures

Problems Manual (3)

This document, the third page in the “Problems” manual, presents the end of the “troubleshooting” section and provides suggestions with establishing support groups.

"(I Love Everybody) On Rt. 80 in Selma," "Do What the Spirit Say Do" (Group 3)

This is a recording of the songs sung by the protestors of the march on Selma to Montgomery. By listening to this clip, it allows us to put ourselves in the moment and better connect with what happened in the past.