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C'est un dessert Corse à base du légendaire fromage Corse : le brocciu. Ca ressemble à une petite tarte. C’est un genre de cheesecake mais au fromage de brebis.

La ratafia

C'est une liqueur résultant de la macération de fruits, frais ou secs, dans de l’alcool : clémentine, orange, citron, cerise, pêche, prune, raisin, coing, châtaigne, noix, amande amère, figue, baie de myrte…

1990 Calendar of African American History

A calendar from a series of calendars focusing on African-American history. This year’s edition highlights jazz musician Milt Hinton.

Is anti-Arab discrimination alive and well?

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee's released reports of prejudice in hate crime years after the World Trade Center attacks.

"Negro Prison Blues and Songs"

This album, "Negro Prison Blues and Songs," was recorded by inmates at state penitentiaries in Mississippi and Louisana. All of the twenty-one songs are written and performed by African-American inmates and the only music is their voice and the…

Jews in America from Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly

A description of the struggles Jewish immigrants deal with when they come to America, from that time period (1877).

Daily Water Endowment in Algeria

A map of the daily water endowment by province in Algeria