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Mississippi Goddam | Nina Simone - Lyric Video | Netflix

She said it. Activist. Artist. Nina Simone. You have heard her music, and know her voice, but you don't know the whole story. Oscar nominated for Best Docume...


Realizacion Les Uso Matieri / Eric Plateau Produccion Chambra d'Òc. 2006 Illustracion Marie Voillat Votz Alem Surre-Garcia Musica Eric Bensoussan Genre anima...

12 Frog Puzzle Solution

This videoshows the solution for the 12 Frog Puzzle. The system is exactly the same for the 6 Frog Puzzle, the 8 Frog Puzzle, the 10 Frog Puzzle or and even ...

James Baldwin Debates William F Buckley 1965

In 1963, there was a noted change in Baldwin's work with The Fire Next Time. This collection of essays was meant to educate white Americans on what it meant ...

Developmental Writing Course Newspaper Announcement

A newspaper clipping from The Sentinalregarding the creation of the ENG 110 course

Opinion: The Need for Developmental Writing

Newspaper opinion piece discussing the state of writing at BGSU using data/percentages from 9/22/1977.

KKK brand

This artifact displays a picture of a brand that was placed on a black man. it also goes on to describe that he was abducted for several days and was treated harshly.

Palmer Method of Business Writing

Palmer Method of Penmanship and selected pages

La coppa

C'est une spécialité charcutière corse et italienne ressemblant à un gros saucisson qui se caractérise, à la découpe, par une tranche bien rouge, veinurée de blanc du gras.