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July 21, 1891

Mary Leslie Newton describes a humorous incident at church, during which a woman's excitement was interrupted by a "pinching bug" that struck Mary Leslie on the back of her neck. She describes some social calls and concern over losing an opportunity…

Mary Leslie Newton Word Cloud

A word cloud using language drawn from Mary Leslie Newton's letters to her father.

September 15, 1893

Mary Leslie Newton notes that school is busy, mentions a fire at a local bakery, and requests a particular Bible from Ooltewah.

August 24, 1893

Mary Leslie Newton writes a short letter describing a guest of the family's, a "campmeeting," and the weather.

June 29, 1893

Mary Leslie Newton writes a short letter from Cleveland, Tennessee, discussing the weather and a social call.

July 20, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton writes a humorous introduction regarding the "business" of moving, in which she discusses when she will go to Ooltewah, the clothes she has, and what books she has and needs for teaching.

July 12, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton provides an account of the heat, a humorous description of the many types of errands she has been asked to run, the repair of her watch, and an update on Halley's health.

July 5, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her excitement about her teaching job, the Fourth of July activities, and her new position as a summer school Latin teacher for another young woman.

June 13, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her surprise on hearing her family react to good news in a letter from her father, which is evidently that the family was to move to Ooltewah and that a teaching position had been secured for her there.

May 31, 1892

Mary Leslie Newton describes her sister Halley's illness, the weather, and a series of calls she paid to district members as part of her Clark Run teaching application.