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Literacy Artifacts: Preserving Tools, Methods, and Teachers' Technologies of the Long Nineteenth Century

Founded in 1910 by the State of Ohio as a normal school to educate teachers, Bowling Green State University has reflected and shaped educational practices and changes throughout its history. Across the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries,…

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ROCKRGRL Digital Gallery

This digital gallery contains selections from the music fanzine, ROCKRGRL. Images, quotations, complete and partial interviews and articles are intermingled throughout. These items have been curated in order to highlight the feminist aspects of the…

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ETHN 1200 - Introduction to African American Studies (Fall 2015)

The purpose of the Digital Gallery project is to examine how certain artifacts can reflect particular viewpoints on the African American experience. In examining these artifacts, undergraduate students were asked to consider the point of the view of…


1960s and Youth Culture

The 1960s was a complex time period, with its movements and culture extending beyond the end of the decade. The pages that follow provide an exploration into some of the social issues that dominated the time period, such as racism, the Vietnam War,…


Race in the United States, 1880-1940

Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, massive social, economic, and political shifts forced a radical reorientation of American identity. Mass immigration, rapid industrialization, and the rise of American imperialism occasioned new…