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Spiral Square Puzzle

Spiral Square

This puzzle was developed in 1931 during a camp in Ohio. There was no trace in the package giving specific location of the camp in Ohio where this project was made. However, it is important to acknowledge that archival research is inherent with messiness and in the midst of the messiness, clues are derived to help unravel the mystery of finding answers, problems and even speculating into the future for further inquiry.  

Puzzle: The puzzle was designed to be used for fun games and at the same time, to test the skill level of participants to solve the puzzle by indicating how to remove the parallelogram from the spiral square.

Solution: Holding the two pieces in relative positions illustrated, insert tongue of parallelogram through loop, and keeping spiral within the loop of the tongue, slip the tongue over the entire spiral and withdraw the tongue again from the loop. Then upset the parallelogram and the two pieces will come apart.

Tool Needed: Shape-nosed pliers. Contributed at Camp Ohio Game Class, 1931