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Puzzles and Games for Testing and Recreation

Three suitcases were retrieved from the College of Education at Bowling Green State University: two suitcases contained the 1949 Wechsler's Intelligence Testing for Children kit and the third contained a booklet entitled, “Kit” 27: The Pocket Magazine of Social Recreation, alongside a number of dismantled puzzles and games. Because this last briefcase was retrieved with two others containing the Wechsler’s IQ Test materials, the initial assumption was that “Kit” 27 and the accompanying puzzles were likewise implemented as an IQ testing method. However, upon closer examination and further archival research of "the Kit," the cultural contexts surrounding the Kit, the accompanying puzzles, as well as the Wechsler's Intelligence testing suitcases, the conclusion was that these three suitcases represented challenges and puzzles used for a variety of purposes--recreational, educational, and testing.